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Hello, my name is Boonmee Pakviset McElroy and I am a Professional International Life Coach, as well as Inspirational / Motivational speaker.  I want to share my desire to empower people to promote happiness, confidence and to learn to live life with a purpose.  I practiced as a Life Coach in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and USA with five (5) plus years of coaching experience.  I believe in a positive and growth mindset.  I am a product of both. My lifelong passion for helping and empowering people to reach their true happiness has been both a personal and professional goal of mine.   I believe that everyone is capable of reaching their goals if they uncover their “Blindspots”.

I have experienced many hardships since a very young age. I grew up in a small village in Thailand, with no access to higher education.  I was forced to live on my own at the age of 12.  I knew what it was like to truly be on my own and try to make it through life. I was once lived an extreme poverty, homeless, and having to sense of direction. After I attended a transformational life coaching program back in 2004, I knew then that anything is possible. This experience caused me to have great compassion and to have the desire to live life to the fullest. I am here to support you to reach your true potential and goals that you aspire. 



My Experienced with Life Coaching

Hi, my name is Boonmee McElroy.

It brings me joy helping people find their truth that will lead them to their true happiness and success in life.

How do I know I am the one capable of doing this? 

It is because I have gone through the life coaching process myself and that experience has transformed my life and it the reason I have had all the success in life.

I was a young girl with no sense of direction, with no idea what life had to offer.  I grew up poor, with no access to higher education, with no clear sense of future. I was not even aware of my own potential until one day, at the age of 20, I stumbled upon a couple, who introduced me to a life coaching program.

I took a leap of faith and I participated.

Because of that experience, I discovered my true potential. For the very first, I had a very clear sense of direction and knew I had a future. That experience transformed my perspective from having no future to anything is possible.  

What did I get from coaching?

I am the only one in my family that has left the country or earned a college degree.  And not only a college degree, but a degree in a different language! And now I am a mental health counselor in one of the prestigious universities in the state of Minnesota.

Why coaching and why now?

I feel now is the time for me to give back. It is time for me to make a difference through coaching. I have found that my true calling is to help transform and inspire people to have faith in themselves and not give up hope and dreams.

What are my perspectives?

I believe that we all have potential to become whoever we want to be in this world, but what gets in our way is our blind spots. I am committed to empower people to discover their blind spots so they can move past them and achieve whatever their goals or aspirations may be.

I am inspired to finally be in a position where I can help people reach their true purpose and potential. I am here to guide and support you in your life journey. I am passionate about coaching, and I am excited about the opportunities to work with you.

Boonmee McElroy, an International Life Coach and inspirational speaker.

"I have seen it, I have heard it, I have lived it." 


Mantorville, Minnesota 55955


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