Emerging Entrepreneurship

The Rochester Rising podcast topic on emerging entrepreneur with Boonmee McElroy, founder of Above & Beyond Coaching LLC. 

Rochester Rising with Host Amanda Leightner

Episode 218: Boonmee McElroy + Above & Beyond Coaching LLC

Premiered March 24, 2021


From Poverty to International Success

"Thai woman's journey from poverty to international success. Boonmee McElroy has overcome extraordinary obstacles in her life. Growing up in poverty in a small village in Thailand, vital things like food and education were not always available to her. After years of struggle she began to grow a career as an international life coach and inspirational speaker in Asia."

People I Know Show with Host Curt Carstensen

Episode 92: Boonmee McElroy, International Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Uploaded March 25, 2021