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Virtual Meet & Greet

Saturday January 14th 10am EST

Sign up today for a chance interact with Boonmee McElroy, International Life Coach and author of I Hate Potatoes: They Make Me Cry. In the upcoming virtual meet and greet Boonmee will answer questions from her readers and followers, share some insight about her life’s journey, and perform an author read from a chapter in her book!  

Boonmee has an extensive professional history as a Life Coach and Inspirational speaker across the globe. Apart from her professional qualifications, Boonmee helps us to see that her life experiences are perhaps a greater testament to her abilities that any certification she has earned. Anyone can be taught from a book, but Boonmee has had invaluable life lessons that make her relatable and qualified as a Life Coach. 

Through her book, Boonmee shares intimate details about her upbringing and her authentic journey that has inspired many. In a time when everything is superficial, Boonmee reminds her readers that being real, authentic, and honest is possible.

Join us in meeting the author herself on January 14th at 10am EST for your chance to win a FREE signed copy of I Hate Potatoes: They Make Me Cry. 

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