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คำรับรองและบทวิจารณ์เหล่านี้รวบรวมจากลูกค้าเก่าบนแพลตฟอร์มต่างๆ เช่น อีเมล, Facebook, ข้อความ หากคุณต้องการเพิ่มคำวิจารณ์ของคุณเอง โปรดใช้คุณลักษณะแสดงความคิดเห็นด้านล่าง ขอขอบคุณ!

“I have known Coach Boonmee at a professional and personal level. I met her during college… I am who I am today and where I am now because she has influenced me. She helped me discover my ‘blind spots’ which prevent me from being confident in myself and seeing my potential... Coach Boonmee is genuine, she is professional and is very knowledgeable… So, if you are someone who wants to be successful, achieve your goals and be happy, give yourself a chance to work with her. She will coach you to make that happen.”

Keng M. | Minnesota, USA

“I had the privilege to work with Coach Boonmee. During one of our coaching sessions, she asked me what I wanted in my life. I answered three things that I always wanted and she said that I could have those three things and be successful in it. While having a conversation with her, I realized that I could make anything happen. Coach Boonmee helped me see my own flaws and blind spots that have blocked me from having the kind of life experience that I have wanted… Coach Boonmee helped me discover my own blind spot which was the fact that I tend to tie myself and my happiness with others around me. That was the first time I realized that my life and my happiness are mines and it doesn’t depend on others. Now, I learned that I can choose a life that I want and it doesn't have to be hurtful or dramatic. The sentence that she said to me was “life is yours.” Those were the words that helped me reflect back upon my actions and decisions in the past… Clearly, after talking to coach Boonmee, I have made the right decision for myself… Thank you very much from my heart.”

Love Snow | Bangkok, Thailand

“Coach Boonmee is such a talented life coach and is truly good at what she does. Coach Boonmee has taught me how to effectively navigate my ‘blind spots’ which has led me to be a more assertive, confident, and poised person. Her mentorship has helped me succeed through school and develop into the person I am today. Her tactics are not only insightful and helpful but also USEFUL in real-life situations - from relationship or professional to personal. Coach Boonmee has shown me countless ways on how to move towards my full potential. She is not only a great Life Coach but also a wonderful and delightful human being. Coach Boonmee has been nothing but kind and empathetic towards me. Yet, she is unbelievably accurate and precise with her teachings and discoveries. I can not recommend Coach Boonmee enough to anyone seeking out a life coach, so please reach out and ask questions. Thank you Coach Boonmee for all of your hard work!”

Kylie M. | Minnesota, USA 

“Boonmee is my wife… And she is a very special person with many gifts to offer… She asked me to be a participant in one of her courses in order to get certified as a life coach in the U.S., I replied, “are you sure you want to use me?” “We know each other better than anyone else knows who we are.” “How can you truly coach me?” She said to just give it a try, so I did, and I’m glad I did!” Most married couples and/or relationship partners think they know their other half and what they do for a living… Boy was I wrong! Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly surprise me anymore, she took me to another level. I was completely blown away at how she eased into the problem areas I was having and at the same time gave me a sense of total ease and the ability to reflect and correct my blockage(s). I would highly recommend Above & Beyond Coaching LLC to anyone in need. Get your free consultation today!”

Michael M. | Minnesota, USA 

“This amazing, beautifully honest, and REAL human continues providing all of us humans an opportunity to be in her inspirational, positive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging energy… Thank you… Boonmee!”

Tonya Jo | Minnesota, USA 

I attended a transformational seminar with Coach Boonmee back in 2004 and many more seminars that she has led after that. When I look at her, she appears as a small little woman but she is powerful with her coaching techniques. At times I felt confrontational and wanted to avoid responsibilities but Coach Boonmee helped me recognize my 'blind spots' which has led me to the runway when I felt uncomfortable in the past… Coach Boonmee helped me realize my potential and that everything is possible. I am grateful for her generosity with her coaching…”

Champee K. | Bangkok, Thailand

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