Meet Boonmee P. McElroy

Certified Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Helping You Move Forward

Hello, my name is Boonmee Pakviset McElroy and I am a Professional International Life Coach, as well as Inspirational / Motivational speaker. I want to share my desire to empower people to promote happiness, confidence, and to learn to live life with a purpose. I practiced as a Life Coach in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and USA with more than five years of coaching experience. I believe in a positive and growth mindset. I am a product of both. My lifelong passion for helping and empowering people to reach their true happiness has been both a personal and professional goal of mine. I believe that everyone is capable of reaching their goals if they uncover their 'blind spots'.

I have experienced many hardships since a very young age. I grew up in a small village in Thailand, with no access to higher education.  I was forced to live on my own at the age of 12.  I knew what it was like to truly be on my own and try to make it through life. I was once lived an extreme poverty, homeless, and having to sense of direction. After I attended a transformational life coaching program back in 2004, I knew that anything was possible. This experience caused me to have great compassion and to have the desire to live life to the fullest. I am here to support you to reach your true potential and goals that you aspire. 

If you are interested in learning more about my story, I am coming out with a book in late 2021. Stay tuned by subscribing down below!

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Hi, my name is Boonmee P. McElroy.

It brings me joy helping people find their truth that will lead them to their true happiness and success in life.

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